Customized services. Designed for you.

Cherry-pick the support you need from our range of services. No two companies are the same, which is why we offer you complete customization, tailoring our services to your exact needs, including:

  • Account reconciliations
  • Payroll
  • Sales tax – GST, HST, QST
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Accounts payable management
  • Year-end package for CPAs
  • File cleanup
  • Sales tax audit files
  • Data management.

Specialized support for CPAs

Our bookkeeping services are designed to help busy CPAs save valuable time, directly improving your overall profitability. Eliminate the stress and enhance your offering by allowing our team to take care of the books for you. Our bookkeepers offer specialized services for CPAs, so you can focus on your bottom line and the value you provide your clients.

Setting the Standard for Service

At Maximum Bookkeeping, customer service is our top priority. We customize our services to suit your specific needs, taking the time to zero in on the details. We analyze your business goals and requirements, and ensure our solutions provide complete flexibility and scalability.

With our bookkeeping services in Canada, you’ll feel like you’ve added a new specialist to your team. You receive a completely tailored back-end support from a dedicated team that wants to see your business thrive.