A full suite of bookkeeping services

Expert support – on your terms

Managing your books alone adds an unnecessary layer of stress to the way your business operates. Hiring outsourced bookkeeping services can eliminate the worries, obstacles, and time spent sorting through your financial statements. Working with our experts at Maximum Bookkeeping means you save valuable time and money, and get back to focusing on what you do best.

Our experts take the time to step back and examine the big picture, sorting through financial statements, delivering crucial data, and preparing your business to navigate corporate taxes with ease. We partner with you every step of the way, removing all of the bookkeeping tasks from your to-do list.

Tailored Services

Choose from full-service bookkeeping and customized services to fit your unique set of requirements. When you work with us, you receive top-tier bookkeeping services online, enjoying the countless benefits of letting experts handle the following tasks for you:

Account Reconciliations

Let our experts scrutinize every detail of your accounts, ensuring all records are clean, correct, and in perfect balance. You can rest assured that we triple-check every last number to ensure your accounts are always in perfect order.


Enjoy a smooth payroll system, saving hours of your time and ensuring employee compensation is always accurate and properly documented. Once you’ve supplied your employee details, you can relax as we complete and document every transaction for you.

Sales tax – GST, HST, QST

Outsource to an expert who can handle your sales tax, whether you need help navigating the Goods and Services Tax (GST), Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), or Quebec Sales Tax (QST). Your bookkeeping partner will navigate these processes for you, saving you time and making your life easier.

Accounts Receivable Management

Receive specialist support for your accounts receivable, ensuring all customer payments are timely and properly documented. Choosing this service means you will never have to worry about tracking down and accounting for outstanding dues, as our experts handle it all for you.

Accounts Payable Management

Let our specialists handle your accounts, keeping all documentation and invoicing perfectly organized for you. This saves you the time and energy of entering and managing these accounts yourself, meaning you can funnel those key resources into your area of expertise.

Year-end package for CPAs

Take advantage of a complete year-end package specifically for CPAs to avoid the rush of this busy season. With our support, you can stop spending your precious time managing books, eliminating stress and allowing you to focus on serving your clients.

File Cleanup

Cleaning up your files is the last thing you want to spend your time on, so let our team handle it for you. No matter the status of your books, an expert is at the ready to take this burden off of your to-do list and ensure your books are caught up and issue-free in no time.

Sales Tax Audit Files

Eliminate the risk and added stress during a sales tax audit by requesting our expert support. This process will be worry-free as we pore over your records and ensure everything is in perfect order to prepare you for an audit.

Data Management

Our bookkeeping services for small businesses can also include full data management. From bills and invoices to receipts and payments we’ll enter, organize, and manage it so your data is always precise, up to date, and completely effort-free.